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Corporate Team Building Training

5 Team Building Activities To Try

The key to developing a strong team in the office is to encourage good communication and understanding between team members, irrespective of their roles and personal interests. An office setup requires individuals of different backgrounds to come together and achieve a common goal. In order to do this, it is important for team members to get along and learn how to work well with each other. One way to do this is by organizing team building activities for employees. Here are some team building activities to try out.

Pipeline Game

This is a simple yet fun activity where the group is split up into smaller teams and given the objective of trying to navigate an object from one end to another by sending it through a series of pipes. Each individual is given a pipe through which the object must pass. This activity highlights the importance of teamwork, coordination and communication. Each member must stay aware of what the other is doing in order to complete the task efficiently.

Scavenger Hunt

A classic game, the scavenger hunt encourages members of a team to work towards a common goal while still completing tasks individually. The team must learn to communicate well and delegate tasks efficiently in order to achieve their common goal in the shortest amount of time. This fun team building activities for employees requires the team to work together to try and find all the items on their list.

Domino Challenge

Dominoes are a prime example of how every single block contributes to a much bigger goal and picture. By getting the team to work together and create a domino chain, you remind them of the importance of teamwork, precision and concentration. But that’s not all. This activity also encourages teammates to be patient with each other and exhibit god communications skill to work towards a common goal.

Escape Room

In this game, a team is locked together in a room and must solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to make their escape. Members will learn to communicate with their team members in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses and work together on a strategic plan. The game encourages them to apply their logical reasoning and strategic thinking skills in order to achieve a common goal.

Blind Dragon

The best way to inculcate good understanding and communication between team members is by getting them to communicate without words! This game requires the team to form a straight line where everyone except the last member has a blindfold on. They must communicate only with the use of their hands to try and achieve a series of simple tasks.

Team-building activities offer a fun and engaging way to bond and communicate with each other. At TuneUp, we are dedicated to helping you achieve long term success by organizing a range of team building activities for working professionals.

Corporate Team Building Activities