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The Germans won the FIFA World Cup for the fourth time when they beat Argentina 1-0 in the finals at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. This victory came after their outstanding win over Brazil in the elimination round by scoring a 7-1 win.

Germany's last World Cup title had come in 1990, when it was still a divided nation. The two Germanys, partitioned after the World War II, were brought together in October that year and it was thought that the European country had already started to recover its lost grandness.

Despite that, in the 1998 World Cup, Germany lost against Croatia with a shocking score of 3-0 in the quarter finals. That year, they finished 7th position, which was their lowest since the 1962 World Cup in Chile.

But, it all started in 2000, when the German team did not win a single match in the Euros. It was then that the Germans realized that they could not rely upon their hustle and hard work to succeed. They needed to adjust and adjust they did. At the point when Jürgen Klinsmann was appointed the head coach of the German national team in 2004, his vision was to deliver a team of fast passing attacking players that would stun the opponents with their style. Soon, the whole country, including little children in towns, was holding fast to Klinsmann's new style of football.

His successor and former depute, Joachim Löw also kept Klinsmann's philosophy well and alive in the group.

Klinsmann and Löw weren't the only genius behind Germany's rise to greatness in the world of football.

Germany has passionately supported its youth football and the achievements of the German team can likewise be handed to a historical club in Munich, FC Bayern München which has been a tremendous part in the establishment of German team full of hotshots. München boasts one of the world's best youth football foundations. Players like Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Thomas Müller and Toni Kroos have all gotten the positions in the Bayern youth teams.

It was in Munchen that the German players aced the craft of mixing different styles of football into a single strategy. Each coach at Bayern added whole another level of dimension to their game.

Louis van Gaal gave them strategic structure to expand upon.

Jupp Heynckes then again lighted the fire and fierceness of counter attacking football at Bayern.

Then arrived Pep Guardiola, who trained his players with the craft of Tiki-Taka i.e., attacking football with clear-cut and composed passing at regular intervals.

Whereas, spending binges has been a culture in English and Spanish football. In Germany, there is no player who is purchased for what might as well be called unreasonable.

A fair lot of these groups are paying out a great deal of cash for an individual player. Some of them are even financed by debts to take care of the expenses of these players. But, this is not at all the German plan of action.

Bayern's capacity to dominate their game has been visibly directed into the German national team also.

The national Mannschaft today is altogether different contrasted with the previous days. For instance in 1998 World Cup, all players who played for Germany had German parents. At this moment, there are a decent number of players with immigration background. Nevertheless, they all play for Germany and they play extremely well.

With a group comprising of world class athletes, Germany didn't need to depend on merely a couple of players to win the World Cup. Each and every player on the pitch and even those on the bench assumed a critical part towards driving Germany to victory. A lot of countries had obviously better players in their squad, but, nobody had the chemistry like Germans. A rock solid defense line, free flowing midfielders and a few forwards with killer instincts enabled Germany to beat their rivals.

Germany's triumph in the World Cup is no fluke. It's a result of long periods of disappointment, hard work and developments. Their triumph in Brazil 2014 is just a glimpse of their brilliance.

German national group today is a multi-social society with players from different origin and cultures. Today, they have players of African as well as Brazilian origin. This is a nation where people get their chance to join, live, and be.

It really is a great time to be a German football fan!

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