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About Us

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“If you tell me, I will listen. If you show me, I will see. But if you let me experience, I will learn.”
{Lao Tzu}

Our philosophy

We at Tune–Up are interested in your success for the long term. We believe the best way to increase our business, is to help increase your business. Our Team Building is guaranteed to deliver a 100% return on investment. Hiring us actually adds to your profit. Our desire is to earn your trust and be the company you think of first when you need / want to outsource training and Team Building.


Tune–Up mission is to promote and advance employee productivity and the benefits that flow from this vital and necessary component of Teambuilding. Tune–Up Team believes that constantly searching and improving productivity is not just senior management’s domain, but all organizations who pool human resources, towards a given goal.

We strive to provide organizations with an experience they will enjoy and motivate them to be more productive on the job.

At Tune-Up, we look at training need identification as the most important part of Employee Engagement Process. We invest considerable time & effort in understanding & identification of learner’s needs and defining alignment between training needs and business objectives. Our training programs help in improving and maintaining the quality and productivity of both the employee and the company. The training workshop is an activity based learning program that involves practical knowledge, which further helps employees understand the concept and use it on job.

Tune-Up manages the training calendar rollouts using a detailed spread across knowledge and attitude domains like Team Building | Communication | Leadership | Managerial | Sales | Personal Effectiveness | Customer Service and Trainer Development skills. These program groups have multiple offerings, which are customized as per the client requirements.

We help companies bring out the best in their people. We do this through engaging interactive live events that inspire and motivate.

An engaged audience will receive your key messages in a much more memorable way. Our unique delegate engagement methods make message delivery interactive and meaningful so people don’t just remember the message for a few days or weeks, they know it long term.

At Tune-Up, we do this in a way that no one else can.

Engagement methodology can be applied successfully to any communication for any number of people. So whether you’re delivering critical corporate information and updates to a team of 50 or want to inspire 50,000 employees about exciting future plans, you need every single person to tune in, understand what it means to them as individuals and act on the message.

The greatest benefits come if individuals adapt their focus & behaviour on a daily basis when back in the office environment & imagine if your entire workforce worked more cohesively, more smartly & more creatively, what difference would that make to your bottom line in the short and long term?

Tune-Up is an expert in the field of event design, delegate engagement and behavioural change. We will ensure that you get more ROI from your meeting spend with us than with anyone else.

If you want to know how you can benefit from maximised engagement at your next meeting, conference or event, simply get in touch!

Achieve Success With TUNE-UP tune up hdline2

Team building is vital to the success of any organisation and as such, in order to be truly effective, well-designed team building days need to be delivered by experienced events management companies like us.

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