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I can't recollect too many kids’ shows from my adolescence. Captain Planet is one that I recall well. The show is worth recalling both for the nostalgia of adolescence before the smart gadgets took over, and for what it implies for building a successful team. Led by a team of youths called "the Planeteers", who shield the planet from catastrophes with five charm rings given to them by the spirit of the earth Gaia, the show is has a huge cult following . In a condition where the Planeteers can't resolve a situation at an individual level, they join their powers to summon Captain Planet, who has most of their powers but at an enhanced level, symbolizing that the efforts of a team are more impactful than those of the individuals. I cherished this for the message.

1. Clear direction and mission

The Planeteers seem to be on some Tesla-level mission. There is no doubt in anybody's mind about what the group is aspiring for. This remarkable sense of unity and co-ordination isn’t established to grab your attention, but it’s just how it is!

Zoom, swish, zap

2. Focused on solving problems, not fabricating solutions

Gaia utilizes her Planet Vision from the Crystal Chamber (hell yes!!) to locate the most pressing mishaps occurring on the planet and the group comes together to tackle it.
Most people try tackling issues and challenges that only exist in their heads and try to legitimize their line of action. Whereas Gaia's group only works on tangible issues and strictly tackles one issue at a time.

Ma-Ti runs deep

3. A realistic goal that makes the world a better place

The Planeteers don't unite to garner likes by people on social media. They're simply attempting to help the planet. What's more, they're fixated on it.
Does your team invest themselves fully into the idea? Is your idea even worth putting complete self into? Regardless of whether it isn't helping the world, is it worth 3– 6 grown-ups committing a large portion of their waking hours to it?

Tell ’em, Kwame!

4. A team made up of diverse skills in collaboration

Each of the Planeteer brings a one-of-a-kind energy to the table – Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart. Their rings summon the elements. Boy! Is that mystical, or what?
Solo, they can't keep up with much. Unless they cooperate, their forces can’t completely figure it out. Kwame harnesses Earth’s energy to get things done, yet, without the group, getting to that “big” objective would not be possible.

Tell ’em, Kwame!

5. A team made up of diverse backgrounds

The show does what most shows still can't/won’t do. It has a diverse group not for imagery but to state that you can't help the world without making the people relate to you.
Their audiences are worldwide, and the teamwork skills are expected to speak to their viewers at the subconscious level. What's more, they are not only in the group for diversity sake, but are actively involved in building solutions in their own special ways.

6. Authentic Leadership

It is highly possible that you thought Captain Planet was the pioneer of the Planeteers, but it's Gaia. She is the key entity with knowledge about the planet and its challenges, and has a profound connection with all of its occupants and with all her heart and soul, is sincere in her mission. She's the true idol for her group, the one they work for.

7. An empowered team (“The power is yours!”)

Toward the end of their theme song, and at whatever point the Planeteers save the Earth from destruction, Captain Planet says, "The Power is yours!" This elaborates on the idea that if they cooperate, they can really save the planet. It all depends upon them/us.
How's that for teamwork?
Captain Planet symbolizes the group's full potential. Any group works towards achieving the best possible, by empowering the members. If an individual doesn’t operate in a way that enables the other members, facilitate coordination, the power cannot be said to be theirs anymore. The power ceases to be anybody's.

8. There’s power in collaboration

“By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!” – Captain Planet
It teaches us that combined efforts of a team are more impactful than those of individuals, hence the saying: To go fast, go alone; to go far, go together. There is a truth in saying that by coming together, great challenges can be overcome.

9. Building deep connections

There is a feeling of shared regard and camaraderie among all the Planeteers. Everybody essentially treats Ma-Ti, the most youthful in the gathering, as their younger sibling. In the meantime, Kwame is likewise Ma-Ti's tutor. What's more, being the main two young ladies in the group, both Linka and Gi are also close companions and frequently help each other in their mission to protect nature.
The building block of any unbeatable group is a solid foundational relationship based on trust. It brings everyone together towards a shared objective.

10. Guard our hearts

“People may always have differences, but in our hearts, we are all the same.” – Ma-Ti
Despite the fact that Ma-Ti might be the last Planeteer of the group, she stands out from the rest as the most persuasive component; that is, the Heart. Without the heart, the various ‘power of elements’ can be corrupted. With the power of Heart, Ma-Ti maintains care, sympathy and compassion into the team to help Gaia.
Though Ma-Ti is the youngest in the group, it doesn't mean she’s the weakest connection. Through her, the one with the purest faith and the purest heart, the miscommunications are constantly settled, and the team’s hearts beat as one.

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