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Disability is in our minds…

In a country like China where the anti-discrimination laws do not encourage the employment of the disabled people and thus the unemployment rates are doubled than that of the non-disabled people (According to the reports released by the International Labor Organization in 2013).

We won’t be able to this…we can’t achieve the target…we do not have enough resources to finish the work…we hardly get anything for such hard work that we put in…what do they think. They can make us work as they like to?

All this plots up into our minds as well as in the minds of our team members at least once a while. Do we ever think or read that there are stories and living examples that prove all these shortcomings wrong because disability and dissatisfaction is in our minds and not in the situations around us.

Here is a beautiful piece of story:

One has no arms, the other was born with a blind eye and unfortunately lost the other in a workplace accident. These two are Wenqi and Jia Haixia; the two unknowns who built a team, tuned in with each other’s strengths and are achieving their goals together. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of the fools.”

Since 2001 (from the time they met), when the two of them were struggling to find out ways to earn money; they decided to plant trees and make the barren land around their village a reforested one to protect the village from floods. How could they do this?

It is all about the self-motivation, sensitiveness towards the society that helped them achieve what they wanted to do. They said in an interview later, ‘We can’t just be sitting around and be useless to society. There weren’t a lot of options for us. But being alive means ‘to have a purpose. Their zeal to give back something good to the community made them work and so they initially started with a three acre land taken on lease from the government.

Right from seven in the morning they started their work of planting trees. It is easy to say. But, they came across numerous obstacles and challenges. They never took a step back, they fought with all that came in their way. Crossing the stream, scaling the trees, digging the ground – everything. Many a times, Wenqi carried haixia to the other side of the stream. They hardly got any money from planting of the trees and thus, they hardly had money to purchase new seeds. So, they used cuttings from the older trees to plant the new ones.

Saying all these good things and praising such amazing people does not mean that they did not fail. Failure is actually that step which one needs to taste in order to achieve success. That’s what happened with the twain too. The first eight hundred plants they planted did not grow as a draught hit the land.

Even they could have stopped because all their hard work, time, efforts were wasted. But they did not. And because they did not stop and lose hope – today they have planted ten thousand trees on the barren land and reforested the area again. They said, “Now the trees are growing and are attracting birds and other animals: nature is making its voice be heard.”

In an interview the pair said, "For normal healthy people you can achieve (this) by sweating, but for the two of us, handicapped, it takes blood and tears."

Suppose they backed off the time when the plants did not grow, they would not have learnt the new techniques of reforesting the land. It is said, if you leave something without giving it a second try then there is always an empty space within you for that thing. At some point or the other we keep on thinking – I wish I could have done that.

‘Growth is never by mere chance, you need to work together to grow.’ Never stop, keep on encouraging yourself, stop finding mistakes and there you go! You will achieve what you had aimed for.

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