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The current buzz that brought laurels to India by grabbing the very first gold in women’s 50 kg free-form wrestling – VINESH PHOGAT, has become the new name to idolise and follow to achieve success. Her surname though is enough to explain her background in intensive training since childhood and the place she comes from – the land which produces sports champions.


Let’s rewind her entire story of winning Gold at the ASIAN GAMES, 2018. In the last three seconds of the game when she already knew she will win, she managed to grab two more points! And then the winner was announced. The one who got the Gold and took the centre stage of the winners’ podium was Vinesh. But ever wondered, was this moment possible if SOLELY Vinesh was involved? No.
The drive to her aim and the conversion of it into a success had the hidden and unseen efforts of not only hers but her coach’s – Kuldeep Singh. Not to forget the nutritionist, doctors, colleagues, government, family and the friends.


Going through a rigorous training, strict routine, sacrificing her daily life and missing those moments which the youngsters of her age enjoy, breaking down at times (which includes a major breakdown that happened because of an injury she suffered and could not be a part of the Rio Olympics) were all faced and dealt by her with austerity. But her dream was being lived not only by her but also the people whom we call her TEAM now. They were the ones who became the continuous source of motivation and guidance to her.


If, her coach did not train her properly, the nutritionist could not provide her with the apt diet, the government did not support her, and her family did not permit her to pursue her dream, then Vinesh Phogat would have always remained a hidden face like any other normal citizen of our country. Representing a country is undoubtedly a golden opportunity and a moment of pride but it brings about numerous responsibilities and duties too.
The support staff is not only responsible for the daily scheduling of a sport person’s routine but has one of the major duties too – the duty and responsibility to protect and safeguard the achiever from enemies, competitors, attackers who are never in favour of these stars. The protection is not only from the outsiders but from the individual himself. The team has to ensure that the sportsperson is not involved in any malpractice which does not only hamper the performer’s image but may lead to his/ her suspension too. The team in short is a vital group which acts as a halo behind the sportsperson.


It is never a single person who succeeds. There is always a TEAM that makes the person do so. The TEAM is the right collection of those people who cater the right amount of confidence, cooperation, coordination, communication, and empowerment to the one striving for it. So did this happen in the case of the first Indian lady to win the Gold in wrestling at the Asian Games – Vinesh Phogat.

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