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“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

The times are changing! The millennial generation is making its presence felt, and on top of this, India has the most sizable youth population in the world which is bringing acceptance towards norm-changing ideas, open thinking and what not. Even the minds from far-flung corners of the country are successfully giving a boost to the startups industry. They seem to be following an idea, ’every rule is meant to be broken.’

HAHA! This shouldn’t happen with your team though!

In coming years, when the workplaces would be swarming with this millennial generation, all the old rules in the book and cramped cubicles would surely be dead and gone. Hence it’s better to catch up than to be left behind. Majority of workplaces are adopting different ideas to the rulebook already and implementing them to boost creative productivity of every individual, consequently shaping the team.

The possibility of fun in learning can be a hard one to get a hold of, especially if the ages of the colleagues vary. When was the last time you sat down just to enhance your abilities at work? Though the possibility of self-improvement is energizing, yet the procedure is typically dull. There's a great deal of hard, exhausting work to do before you can receive the benefits. Sometimes, it's hard to inspire yourself.

Winston Churchill stated, “Personally I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught”

This is how most of us see the learning process. The approach hasn’t changed much since Churchill was yawning at the back of the classroom.


Fun positively affects motivation levels, determining what and how much we retain. Learning isn't a one-time thing but needs repetition and devotion. In the event that the experience is fun, students stay curious and keep coming back for more.
On the other hand, if the learning isn't fun, it won’t justify the effort and this is a hard, logical universal reality.

  • A study in the journal, College Teaching, found that students could recall a Statistics lecture all the more effectively when the speaker included jokes about important points.
  • In her book, Neurologist, Judy Willis indicated how fun experiences increase levels of dopamine, endorphins, and oxygen – everything that advance learning.
  • In an investigation for the Journal of Vocational Behavior, Michael Tews found that employees will probably attempt new things if their workplace is enjoyable.

All in all, infusing fun in learning can significantly boost learning effectiveness and memory retention.


If survey studies don’t do it for you, then how about some genuine real world cases of the impact of fun on human behavior?


As a feature of their 'Fun Theory', Volkswagen transformed a staircase into fully-functioning mega-piano keyboards. 66%, which is a way greater number of individuals than ordinary, picked the stairs over the escalators. The rise in numbers demonstrates that fun can change the way individuals behave in situations that would some way or the other feel like a task.


Hubspot's CEO has a little rooftop area where the group comes together for beers after work. Brian, the CEO, trusts that these gatherings prompted the organization's success. This helped the group bond together and made the office a more comfortable place to be.


LinkedIn presented the ‘Walk and Talk’ concept where colleagues can go for a walk for a meeting. It's an extraordinary method to bring some activity into the work day and it discharges fun-inducing endorphins which cuts down pressure, enhance wellbeing and make individuals more joyful.


Hendrick Automotive propelled their H.A.L.O. stage in July of 2015. The gamification add-ons in the Learning Management System encouraged commitment and a better learning all through the organization. The last quarter of the next year was the best in Hendrick's 40-year history.


Fun, delight, excitement – call it what you may, the essential in any preparation attempt is commitment. With regards to Talent Management events, if you don't invest in making it a convincing and enjoyable one, how can you expect participants to invest no matter when in it?

Connect employees through Games

A few people put more in the games they play after work than they do in their actual work…the work that pays the bills. Why would that be? Games use impulsive inputs and convincing goals which hold players wanting for more. Nowadays, organizations like to bring these components into working environments to motivate employees in ways that go past a regular paychecks and bonus.

Having a ton of fun enhances Coordination and Cooperation

On an average day, workers invest around 65% of their energy working together and speaking with each others. Recreational time with partners in a casual and fun condition energizes genuine and open exchange and trust in each other.

Happy employees stay

One clear advantage of a happy team is that they will probably remain with the organization for much longer. Unhappy and unsatisfied representatives will soon search for other places.

Praise personal wins, discover what your colleagues are energetic about and end of it all; Have a ton of fun at work. Add these to your rulebooks and see the change!

By - Inan

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