• Registered Office: Sector-27, Noida
  • Corporate Office: Sector-18, Gurgaon
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Greatest Teamwork of Our Time

The service that is delivering six sigma accuracy (which means that in six million chances there is only one mistake).An organisation formed by a Parsi Banker which is rooted in every lane, street and in every office goer from the past 125 years is the nationwide famous Tiffin delivery system – The Dabbawalas of Mumbai.

The success formula of the Dabbawalas is T2 which is TEAMWORK and TIME MANAGEMENT. Be it the scorching heat or the heavy rainfall of Mumbai; the Dabbawalas never fail to deliver the lunch boxes on time.

The Dabbawala system works entirely on a strong colour coding system which identifies the destination and the recipient. Two bicycles, one wooden crate which is used to carry the tiffins, white kurtaa-pyjama and one Gandhi Cap(topi) are the minimum contributions taken from each Dabbawala.

At a common place the Dabbawalas sort the collected tiffinbased on the markings. Through these markings they come to know the railway station where the boxes need to be unloaded and the building address of the final destination. At every station these are then handed over to local Dabbawala. The empty boxes are then collected and go through the same chain to get them back to their respective places. The earnings of each unit are divided every month and even fines are imposed for alcohol, tobacco, being out of uniform, and absenteeism. Dabbawala system serves as one of the best examples for the corporate. Low operational cost, low capital investment, abandon bad customers, cooperation, no over dependence on technology, and penalize employees for non-compliance etc. but still a big success.

With 85% illiterate workforce and 15% of those who are educated upto grade10; with accurate teamwork, cooperation, dedication and time management the Mumbai Dabbawalas have set an example for the entire nation to follow.

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