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When Wolfgang Porsche decided to give one of the classic cars from his private collection to the prestigious Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, he wanted the best possible restoration for the rare 1932 Austro Daimler Bergmeister sports cabriolet. This, after all, was an illustrious vehicle, considered one of the most beautiful of its era, with a body by royal coach builder Armbruster and a provenance to match.

The preservation and restoration of automobiles is the mechanical or cosmetic repair of cars. Restoration means removing, replacing, or repairing the parts of a vehicle, while preservation means keeping the original components. Though automotive restoration is commonly defined as the reconditioning of a vehicle "from original condition in an effort to return it to like-new or better condition".


1. Cost Estimate-

Approximation: Based on photos, Porche CLASSIC SPECIALIST draw up a rough first estimate of the cost of restoring the classic Porche. If the customer is still interested, the vehicle is examined in Porche Classic workshop.

2. Vehicle Delivery-

Review of the situation. Experts and the customer meticulously examine the vehicle. On-site in Stuttgart, the scope of the required work is discussed and defined.

3. Disassembly-

For a full restoration, the vehicle is completely disassembled and all parts are removed from the bodyshell, from the engine to the interior equipment. This is the only way to clear determine the condition of the classic vehicle.

4. Engine & Transmission-

To ensure everything runs smoothly, the function and authenticity of the engine and transmission must be carefully checked. If necessary, they are completely disassembled and cleaned. Defective parts are replaced with genuine parts or parts that were replicated based on original drawings. Its performance is then measured during a test run on the test stand. In this way the engine and transmission are restored to their original state- both visually and technically.

5. Body-

After our Specialists have removed the worst corrosion from the body shell, they open all the cavities- a necessary step in preparation for the paint removal bath. The frame is precisely aligned on the straightening bench, using frame gauges for the doors and windows that originate back to the production of what is now a classic. If necessary, experienced mechanics reshape deformed areas. Extremely corroded areas are cut out of the body and replaced with the new genuine parts. Gap dimensions and functions are checked and adjusted to the optimum setting.

6. CDPB and Paint Finish

Protection and beauty: The classic vehicle has never had it so good, even when it was brand new. Today, the bodyshell gets treated to a cathodic dip painting bath. The CDPB ensures that the primer is evenly applied down to the very last cavity. The complete paint build-up in the original colour now begins.

7. Interior-

Where you feel at home: the experts are now ready to openly discuss matters of pure taste. The interior- an affair of the heart. Specialists can treat the interior or completely renovate it using materials of the same high quality as the original materials. The experts satisfy’s almost every desire.

8. Completion-

Roadworthy: Your classic Porche is now restored to its original perfection. Just like new. But it is not ready to be handed over to its owner. Only when the specialists are completely satisfied is the customer reunited with his valuable companion.

9. Documentation for the customer-

On handover, the customer receives not only his valuable companion once more, but also a high-quality restoration of the work on his vehicle, a CD with approx. 1,000 photos and a certificate.

All the parts of the process are taken care by different individuals or teams. Proper communication and synchronisation is required to deliver the best results. The Porche restoring team sync-up and stay connected in a way so that the quality and bench marks set-up by the company is not compromised.

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