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Roller Coaster

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ROLLER COASTER | Indoor Activity tune up headline

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What are the Learnings from this team activity?

tune up collborating


Problem solving


Brainstorming strategies

tune up resource management

Resource Management

Time Management

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How does the activity work?

The teams are given certain material to create a roller coaster path for an object to travel through it in a given time limit. The teams often struggle to get the object rolling in that path or in the given timeframe. Practice, communication with team members, planning and strategizing and a few trials helps them achieve their goal and leaves team members with a learning of importance for the same.

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Which Group is this team activity compliance best suited for?

As we mentioned above, you should consider putting every one of your teams through this activity. But then, we possibly say the same about every one of our activities. Don’t take our word for it. Experience it and take the call. But in short, the takeaways are so powerful that its not just a team building game with cars involved that make it fun. Its about compliance and audit. Its for customer facing teams, its for project management teams and its for everyone who is not a part of either of these two group too.

What our clients say? tune up headline


I am overwhelmed with some nice feedbacks received and am very happy to communicate that we have achieved what we discussed before this trip. Great destination, nice resort, good food and superb coordination within your team, well laid out plan and execution. My entire team has given full marks to Tune-up. Thank you very much for your efforts and we look forward to a long term relationship. We will engage closely to understand the training needs of team and how we can enhance their skill sets.

Country Head

It has been very enriching experience for the team, well incorporating theme of change, innovation, team work and collaboration through games and encouraging team to participate and discuss real life issues. I am sure team will gain the benefit by making use of learnings in their respective work area while planning for future.


The Tune UP team was able to successfully engage with senior leadership and we were very happy with the activities they organised for us - from conceptualisation, the execution to the sum up after every activity. A very well organised and mature team

DGM Communications

Tune-Up is our preferred partner for regular trainings within India. The trainings executed by them are brilliantly conceptualised and delivered - either presentation (creating & delivery), bespoke solutions for our consulting team and even team building sessions and activities. We had a great time learning by doing through Chef's Challenge where we just didn't show-off our cooking skills but got exposed to bringing out leadership, time management, resource management skills etc.

India Site Leader - WWFE

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