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A Rocking Team

The Situational Leadership Model is a model by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard. Effective leadership changes with the individual and the team and relies upon the task or function to be done.

Leadership style has two fundamental concepts:-

Leadership style:-

They are categorized into four behavior types, which they named S1 to S4:

Maturity level:-

Owing to the team being driven, these are in four levels of development M1 to M4:

1. S1: Directing

S1: Directing – is described by one-route correspondence in which the leader assigns the roles to an individual or a team and gives the what, how, why, when and where to do the task.

Here, you see the start of a truly great student-teacher relationship

Many are exceptional singers while some are just okay, but all of them get encouragement from their teacher.

• M1 – The competence level is particularly low, on top of this, they can't or are unwilling to take responsibility for the job.

2. S2: Coaching

S2: Coaching – while the leader is giving directions, he is also establishing two-way communication and giving the socio-emotional help that will allow the team to unite in their actions.

Dewey has a great Sense of humor which is vital to relieve tension and boredom

He teaches lessons about rock and roll so the students also understand his values. Integrity is the combination of outward actions and inner values.

• M2 – They can't take total responsibility for the task, however they are willing for it.

3. S3: Supporting

S3: Supporting – this is where basic leadership is shared among the team members about parts of how the task should be done. Here, the leader distributes lesser responsibilies while mostly maintaining relationship trust.

He carries great compassion and even humility. This makes them naturally relate to him

Dewey also displays openness. This interaction builds mutual respect and trust between him and Tamika.

• M3 – They are experienced and ready to do the job but lack confidence for any responsibility.

4. S4: Delegating

S4: Delegating – the leader is only involved in decision-making, whereas the procedure and responsibilities have been passed on to the team. The leader, here, supervises their progress.

They were all vitally involved in reaching the common end which made them seem valued and developed their interpersonal skills.

The student who produces the lighting show is incredibly talented – but would never have had the opportunity to discover this if it wasn’t for the project!

• M4 – They are experienced at the job, and convinced about their own particular abilities to do it well. They are even confident of assuming responsibilities.

By - Inan

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