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4 Team building activities for work that can enhance productivity at workplace

Team building activities for employees have been found to have a profound effect on the productivity levels. This statement can be further supported by research conducted by the University of Central Florida (Source: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1046496408328821) wherein it has been established that such activities positively impact the mindset of employees.

Explore the team building activities for employees

As such, for your next endeavor, you can pick up some ideas from here that can meet your desired goals for your workers. So, let us quickly catch a glimpse of the various interesting events that you can plan out for them. The same has been discussed in points in the paragraphs mentioned below.

1. Employee rotation

This is going to be really interesting when you ask your employees (may be 5 to 10 of them) from a particular department to go and work for a day at some other department. The fact that the employees have to do something new will make it exciting for them. This can be done on a rotation wise and you can send the employees to any department, they choose to. You can carry out the same procedure from time to time at regular intervals.

2. Group discussion

One of the interesting team building activities for work is to conduct a group discussion. But the topic that you choose has to be something exciting and not related to work. How about talking about Al Pacino and his movie Godfather? You will perhaps be content to see their expression. Alternatively, you could also encourage them to discuss about how it would be if each one was made a Masterchef for a day!

3. Organize lunch

There is a common phrase “A family who eats together stays together”. This could be one of the team building activities for employees. Whenever you sit down to eat a wholesome meal together, there is bound to be positive interaction and exchange of a lot of ideas and by doing so, you can instill among workers a sense of togetherness.
Prior to organizing this lunch, you could also individually ask their preferences about the dishes. This will also make each one feel that they are being involved.

4. Plan sports day

Regardless of whether it is a male employee or female, outdoor and recreational activities has always been a welcome break from the monotony. Organize sports day where you can divide employees into teams. It could be a game of football, basketball, beach volleyball, or cricket, any sports that appeals to them.

Organizing the activities

This is teamwork too. You will possibly not be able to arrange for such activities all alone. You have to seek assistance of all employees at work. So, by far, organizing these team building activities for work itself is an exciting endeavor that everyone can cherish and enjoy.

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