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4 Tips for HR Managers to foster employee involvement

The HR or the Human Resource department is a pivot on which the entire operations of a company rest. You just name it, employee engagement, retention, attrition, recruitment, and deciding wage, productivity, incentives, awards, and accolades, everything is taken care of by the team members of this department. Let us find out what efforts can be put in so that there is better employee coherence in the company.

Productivity and employee involvement

It has been observed that the right kind of office ambiance goes a long way as far as productivity matters. Most importantly, the employer must have the right kind of attitude. Also, the more the employee involvement in different workplace related activities; the better is the output from workers.

HR’s initiative for employee engagement activities

In almost all offices, regardless of whether they are small or medium sized business entities, group employee activities have become very common. Thanks to the HR department’s initiative. This is done to improve interpersonal relationships among employees, between employee and employer, and for building the team spirit and sense of unity. In this regard, let us find out how.

What employee engagement activities encourage teamwork?

The HR team can conduct the following events so that it can connect better with its workforce. These are as follows-

1. Regular meet-ups

It can be made mandatory to conduct an “open-house meet” every month. If you wish, it can be made either an informal interaction or a formal one. During the course of the meeting, every single employee can come up and say something about his or her experience which can be good or bad. If it is a kind of complaint, as the HR you have to mend things and strategies for better employee satisfaction.

2. Conducting recreational activities

Another way to make employees feel involved in the company is to organize a movie-show or a tour to the nearby park with family members of the employees. The moment employees are made to feel as a part of the large family, you are successful in inculcating a sense of accountability and belongingness. This is one of the most tried and tested procedures of employee engagement for better accountability.

3. Assigning responsibility

When you assign responsibility to workers, you indirectly make him believe that he is capable enough to undertake the responsibility. And this by itself is a great moral boost for the employee. Although, this is not an engagement activity for employees, it is a duty that you are delegating; nevertheless, it helps in boosting him up morally.

4. Workshop

One of the most encouraging and for sure employee engagement activities that will pay-off in the long run is conducting seminar, webinars, workshops, and DIY projects. These training sessions help employees stay abreast with the latest developments and trends. And if it is a DIY project that you are assigning, this hands-on experience will really keep your workers engaged.

Irrespective of whatever activity you are keeping your workforce engaged with, the mantra of success ultimately boils down to the right attitude of employer and the employees!

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