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How strong does this word stand by itself!? Undoubtedly, while hearing this all that comes into our minds is mutual understanding, confidence, faith, coordination, leadership, competition, goal orientation, motivation, strategizing and numerous other characteristics within a team.

Ever worked in a team? Worked for a crucial task together? Came across a scathing situation? Had less time in hand to complete the task? Ever came across a situation where either it was a win-win situation or else it was completely a lost case?

Felt any resistance from your team? Ever been a part of a team which was a hard cheese?

Felt the happiness of accomplishing a task? Given the credits to the entire team for the work done? Patted someone in the team for the amazing work done? Encouraged and accepted novelty of team members? Guided the team while keeping their personal goals in mind too?

Well, the above mentioned are the different phases a team goes through and if it does not then it actually misses the zest of being called a TEAM.

A brilliant example of all the above can be seen as a juncture in the Bollywood movie PARMANU which was recently released. The movie was made to commemorate the success of the POKHRAN-2 nuclear test of India.


The movie clearly depicts the genesis of an idea, a prudent and calculated plan, and the urge to prove a point that our country is no less than any other. It revolves around a fool-proof plan, confidence, willingness, self-motivation, power, leadership, right decisions and much more. It not only shows the success of the POKHRAN test but it clearly sculpts the hardships and failures the team had to undergo.

POKHRAN was assuredly a success because of the sound decisions made and the TEAM. Want to know in detail how was it a success? Here is the success story!


Speaking the high school way, a plan is a blueprint which is capable to peep into the future and estimate the happenings and the effects of the same. The mastermind behind the POKHRAN test had an unerring plan which was made keeping in mind all the requisites required for this master plan.

It is the plan maker who knows the minutest details of how the plan would unfold. Similarly, in the movie it was Ashwat Raina who knew everything about the plan. He knew the thing which was most important - the American surveillance satellite movement, which remained unnoticed by the other officers.

A guaranteed plan needs to be constructed with sound knowledge, conviction, ambition, a sound procedure to reach the goal, outcomes, obstacles, solutions and the final aim.


The moment we answer questions like how and when is crucial to the success of the plan Execution means bringing the plan into action. The entire team must exactly know what is to be done and how is it to be done?

Execution can happen right only when there is coordination and cooperation among the team.

The movie depicts both the phases of execution – ‘doing it right’ and ‘proving to be a failure’. The first time when the test happened it was a failure. Why?

The loophole was in the execution. They had the plan but did not have the proper know-how and the procedure to follow for executing that plan. It was all chaotic.

The second time, everything was properly fed into the minds of the team. The team knew what the aim was, how important was this test. In short, because they knew the essence of the plan and they were guided properly as to how to go about it; they succeeded.


Every tick of the clock is precious. The fifteen minute time gap where their coordinates are in the BLIND SPOT of the US satellite, was a boon for them and just because of that, the POKHRAN TEST was possible.

They understood that they only had those fifteen minutes to take action for the plan and later when they got some extra hours because of the satellite shifting to Kashmir; it was an added blessing.

Similarly, teams should know the time they are having in hand, the deadlines and should execute the plan in a concrete manner to achieve the target.


It is rightly said thatappointment of right people, at the right time and at the right place is one of the critical decisions and once the right team is formed then all the plans are made to come true. The team works like an alliance.

Like in PARMANU, John Abraham (Ashwat Raina), chose the best people from all the fields he required. A team leader should know the strengths and weaknesses of each of the team members and allot the work respectively. This makes the team more productive and the plan a success.


Someone has rightly said - “A Plan B life can be just as good or better than a Plan A life.”

Plan B or technically speaking the CONTINGENCY PLAN should always be kept ready to use. This is because risk is uncertain. So, when it comes down to it, a team must be ready with other options to achieve success. Trust a PLAN B to work like a fire extinguisher.

Like in PARMANU, John Abraham (Ashwat Raina), chose the best people from all the fields he required. A team leader should know the strengths and weaknesses of each of the team members and allot the work respectively. This makes the team more productive and the plan a success.

When Ashwat Raina and his team came to know that they were being spied, he asked the defence minister to create a buzz of war in Kashmir which shifted the attentionof CIA (Central Investigation Agency of USA) to deploy their satellites in the Kashmir region. And thus, this paved the way for the success of the POKHRAN TEST.

It is all about the endurance, zeal, commitment, passion and team work that make the toughest of the tasks successful. A strong team and the bond between the team are the things that make plans work!

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